Wrecked Luxury Car Built From Over 12,000 Tiny Mirrors

Wrecked Luxury Car Built From Over 12,000 Tiny Mirrors image

Wrecked Luxury Car Built From Over 12,000 Tiny Mirrors

This Mercedes Benz aims to be the most luxurious heap of twisted metal and wreckage you've ever laid eyes on.

Designed by Jordan Griska, Wreck is a physical manifestation of the dual nature of American culture: wealth, freedom, and individuality collide with decadence, debauchery, and tailspin. The car is a non-functioning 3D model of a Mercedes Benz S550.

"Wreck is based on a computer-generated model of a luxury sedan, in a video game, which was manipulated to look like it was involved in a crash that resulted in a fatality." he says of his piece. "I crafted 12,000 individual pieces of mirror-finish stainless steel, over the course of almost two years, in order to transform that model into a full-sized three-dimensional monument."

"The perfect geometry and flawless materials of the piece reflect the inspiration of idealized digital design, in stark contrast with the grimness of the reality it represents. Beauty, technology and engineering collide with death and reality."

Wreck is on display at the Philadelphia Contemporary.

Via Philadelphia Contemporary

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