These Repainted Dolls Look So Lifelike, It's Uncanny

These Repainted Dolls Look So Lifelike, It's Uncanny image

These Repainted Dolls Look So Lifelike, It's Uncanny

Noel Cruz repaints dolls to look exactly like the celebrity they're based on. By the time he finishes his retouching work, the resemblance is so close it's uncanny.

Have you seen his Belle doll? The original Disney doll barely looked human. But after Cruz finished repainting, it looked just like Emma Watson.

Raised in Manila, Philippines, Cruz enjoyed drawing faces growing up. Years later wen adulthood hit, he discovered Ebay and the re-painted doll economy that thrived there. If people really re-painted dolls for a living, why couldn't he?

It was only a matter of time before Cruz began ordering mass-produced celebrity dolls to customize. That was back in 2001. Since then, Cruz has become well-known for his hyper-realistic doll faces and collectors are more than willing to pay for them. Most pieces go for

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Via Oddity Central

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