"Porcelain Beauty 2" Showcases The Unique Beauty Of Albinism

"Porcelain Beauty 2" Showcases The Unique Beauty Of Albinism  image

"Porcelain Beauty 2" Showcases The Unique Beauty Of Albinism

"Porcelain Beauty" is a series by Israeli photographer Yulia Taits that showcases the unique beauty of albino people.

This specific series is a follow up to her first take on the series last year. The portraits were so well received, Taits decided it was time to complete a second installment in the visually stunning series.

"In November of last year, I published my project "Porcelain Beauty" which is dedicated to people with Albinism," Taits says of her work. "In a few days it spread around the world and it received huge exposure and appreciation. I got a lot of feedback from people, many of them were people with Albinism."

"They were saying my project is so powerful and it makes them feel beautiful and confident in the way they are. This is the main reason i decided to continue and create more beautiful images. I'm so excited to present "Porcelain Beauty Volume 2". Thank you very much, to all my models and their partners for your help and support. Without you guys I couldn't have created such powerful and beautiful images."

Find more of Taits work on her website.

Via Ufunk

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