These Colorful 3D Hoop Embroideries Are Ultra Creative

These Colorful 3D Hoop Embroideries Are Ultra Creative image

These Colorful 3D Hoop Embroideries Are Ultra Creative

These beautiful embroidery pieces mix 3D polymer clay pieces with traditional stitching techniques.

Crafted by Polish artist Justyna Wołodkiewicz, these hoops are a pure embodiment of the creative spirit. Wołodkiewicz doesn't plan out her pieces. Rather, she begins the process and watches the piece unfold naturally.

The miniature polymer clay pieces in her work came about the most easily; she's been sculpting with the clay for years. For Wołodkiewicz, the creative twist in these projects come from the thread work. And by combining the two elements, she's created a new, softer effect.

What keeps this artist motivated?

"When you are an artist the things that matter are ideas, creative proccess and above all the message and self-experession," she writes on her blog. "That's the source of my joy at least. I stubbornly play that game of art because it is the sense of my life. It is fulfilling and it is fun."

You can order Wołodkiewicz's pieces through Etsy.

Via Fubiz

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