Welcome To The First Tatami Teahouse-Style Starbucks

Welcome To The First Tatami Teahouse-Style Starbucks image

Welcome To The First Tatami Teahouse-Style Starbucks

21 years after venturing into the Japanese market, a new blend of Starbucks shops is coming to the Kyoto prefecture. The shop mixes American and Japanese traditions inside a historic, two-story house for a refreshingly relaxed and open experience.

Housed in a traditional townhouse, the shop promises to be the first tatami-style Starbucks. Tatami refers to the type of mat used as flooring in traditional Japanese interiors.

The building itself is listed as a heritage site and boasts 100-years of history before becoming home to the shop. The ground level features the coffee bar counter plus 3 courtyards, each featuring gardens and stone water basins. The second floor is reserved for relaxed conversations had while sitting on tatami mats and zabuton cushions.

You can find the shop along the historic Ninenzaka street, nearby Kiyomizu-dera, a popular shrine in Kyoto. Learn more about the new tea-house location here.

Via Spoon Tamago

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