Eerie, Neon Nightscapes From Johannesburg, South Africa

Eerie, Neon Nightscapes From Johannesburg, South Africa  image

Eerie, Neon Nightscapes From Johannesburg, South Africa

This series of neon nightscapes capture the quiet, forgotten hours of South Africa's capital city, Johannesburg. The lingering lights and figures cast other-worldly shadows across the bodegas and apartments, creating an atmosphere of melancholy wonder.

Born in France, Elsa Bleda grew up live in dozens of different cities while growing up with her artist mother. The mother-daughter duo finally settled in South Africa when Bleda turned eighteen. She was immediately charmed by the country and turned her artistic eye towards her new home.

“A lot of people are scared of being alone," Bleda says of her night-time photography habits. "Maybe they don’t know themselves and being alone puts them in a lonely state. For me, I don’t find being alone and being lonely are the same thing. That loneliness is what I need to be able to clear my mind.”

The colors in this series are particularly striking. Complementary pairs are found illuminating the fading streets and contrasting perfectly with the fuchsia glow of sunset.

If you're into after-dark city photography, check out Bleda's series of photos from So Bad So Good Istanbul's nightscapes.

They're equally magical.

Via Dazed

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