These Spectacular Portraits Celebrate How Unique We Are

These Spectacular Portraits Celebrate How Unique We Are image

These Spectacular Portraits Celebrate How Unique We Are

During the working week you'll find Anastasija Jevstafjeva sitting at her desk, earning a solid wage and being part of a company deeply rooted in the global financial system.

But away from office, boardrooms and endless meetings - her true passion lies in the world of makeup and fashion. A place where the only limit is her imagination, where her creativity is allowed to flourish without every being stifled or questioned.

Anastasija has Vitiligo, a rare skin condition that is characterised by patches of the skin losing their pigment.

"With makeup, I can become any person and fantasy creature. It all has started when I understood that my Vitiligo is beautiful and it distinguishes me from the others. Nature created its own makeup on my body and face using white patches, and now I evolve it using cosmetics and brushes." she explains.

It's that freedom and passion that has resulted in this eye-catching collaboration with handcrafted handbag manufacture Mardere. Armed with her make-up kit and her ever trusty remote control for her camera Anastasija set about shooting this series of remarkable portraits.

Each image is designed to showcase how unique can every person be, with different tastes, characters, and beautiful defects mimicked in each clutch bag.

What I’m trying to do is make other people feel the power of imagination and the beauty of everyone’s uniqueness.

Consider your mission accomplished Anastasija!

Via Anastasija Jevstafjeva

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