Rich And Powerful World Leaders Imagined As Poor Refugees

Rich And Powerful World Leaders Imagined As Poor Refugees image

Rich And Powerful World Leaders Imagined As Poor Refugees

We live in an unprecedented age where the disparity between the rich and poor widens and grows deeper with each passing day.

One of the main side effects is the sharp rise in migrants across the world as people search for a better life and a chance to escape poverty.

These individuals, families and children are fleeing war, persecution and dictatorships from such hell holes as Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and Eritrea.

In 2017 it's estimated that migrants make up 3.3% of the global population, to put that in perspective that's around 244,000,000 people. It's the biggest wave of migration since the Second World War.

We are truly living in traumatic times and whilst it's easy to distract ourselves in the affluent West, one individual determined to remind us of the challenges we all collectively face is Syrian refugee Abdalla Al Omari.

Now based in Brussels, his powerful project "The Vulnerability Series" reimagines world leaders and powerful figures, as the displaced and disadvantaged.

For me vulnerability is a gift that we should all celebrate , no one is really almighty.

Though it may seem face fetched, at any moment our roles could be reversed. It's thought-provoking and timely reminder that no matter how many try to divide and label us, at the very core we are all one and the same

You can follow more of Abdalla's impressive artworks through his official Instagram profile right here

Via Abdalla Al Omari

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