Stunning 200 Year Old Library Discovered For The First Time

Stunning 200 Year Old Library Discovered For The First Time image

Stunning 200 Year Old Library Discovered For The First Time

Admittedly it's not every day you stumble upon a treasure trove of literature and art, that serves as a modern day time capsule from a by-gone era. But that's exactly what happened just a few days ago in Bouillon, a small town in southern Belgium.

Estate agent Henri Godts was informed of a small secretive library by close relatives of the original owner during a proposed auction of the property.

The original owner of the library was a French intellectual who allegedly fled the French Revolution by taking refuge in Bouillon. The library had been untouched for 200 years, a perfectly preserved snapshot of an era long forgotten by many.

"It is extremely rare to find such an authentic library, it is as if I had been catapulted in the 18th century in a time machine, the books are all perfectly preserved and seem to have come straight out of the printing press. " admits Godts .

Inside it contained 182 extremely rare books dating back from the 18th to the 19th century, along with the original furniture and fittings from that time.

The vast majority of the books document and describe exotic countries, far away regions and different civilisations. But perhaps most interestingly of all, in among these literary gems was an old atlas by Antwerp Abraham Ortelius.

During his life, he was considered the greatest cartographer of his time. The atlas which was discovered in the library dates from 1575 - it's widely considered the very first modern atlas. Only a hundred copies were printed at the time and many have been lost or damaged in the proceeding years.

This exceptional atlas is estimated to be worth around 40,000-45,000 euros, but in terms of its cultural significance, it's simply priceless.

As for the library itself, the auction will take place on June 20th - with the final price estimated to be somewhere between 32,500 to 41,000 euros. There's already significant interest from local residents and foreign buyers - each hoping to own this remarkable piece of history.

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