He Trashes Iconic Works Of Art To Make New Art

He Trashes Iconic Works Of Art To Make New Art image

He Trashes Iconic Works Of Art To Make New Art

New York City-based Turkish artist Zeren Badar is reinventing iconic works of art by spilling food and trash on them. He calls it his Accident Series and, weirdly enough, the trashy additions make the paintings more interesting.

Clearly, none of these changes were real accidents. Every rip, drip, and spill were carefully planned by Badar, causing viewers to reconsider how historic art should be viewed.

In this photography project, I explore a peculiar combination of photography, painting & collage.

The self-taught conceptual artist calls his series "Duchampian ready-mades," referring the godfather of Dada art who found objects and called them art. Though most will remember Duchamp's famous urinal piece, it's his edited portrait of the Mona Lisa with a mustache that seems most related to Badar's work.

Badar's work takes Duchamp's mustached Mona Lisa one step further. He doesn't just doodle on the painting— he actually "ruins" them, creating a whole new narrative within the scene.

Additionally, his work questions ownership. Badar confronts viewers with another work that he's edited, forcing viewers to consider if the work can even be accredited to him.

Find more of Badar's work here.

Via ArtBo

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