This Russian Bakery Is Winning The Internet With 'Brushstroke' Cakes

This Russian Bakery Makes 'Brushstroke' Cakes That Look Like Edible Expressionist Paintings image

This Russian Bakery Is Winning The Internet With 'Brushstroke' Cakes

Ever wonder what would happen if an expressionist painter like Jackson Pollock were to design a cake? It'd probably look something like these 'brushstroke' cakes from Moscow-based bakery Kalabasa, is taking the art of cake design to a whole new level with these edible 'brushstroke' cakes.

Kalabasa first unveiled the 'brushstroke' technique about a year ago and, as you'd imagine, the internet got very excited over it. The 3D brushstrokes are made by first heating chocolate or icing, then brushing individual lines onto a cool surface and refrigerating them.

The brushstrokes then dry with all their natural irregularities, making the finished product look like a real paint stroke! After the pieces are solid, they can be popped off the pan and placed on a cake.

Aside from their incredible custom cakes, Kalabasa offers a daily selection of artisan sweets that's overwhelming, to say the least. Just take a look at the stuff they post to Instagram; you'll spot everything from honey cakes to eclairs, lime flavored marshmallows, classic cheesecakes, and novelty tarts.

Feeling inspired? Try making your own brushstroke cake! This colorful tutorial covers all the basics.

Via Instagram

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