Embrace Your Inner Dragon-Trainer With Body Armor Jewelry

Embrace Your Inner Dragon-Trainer With Body Armor Jewelry image

Embrace Your Inner Dragon-Trainer With Body Armor Jewelry

Combining elements of medieval armor with body jewelry, these metal-scale pieces are the finishing touch to your undercover dragon-trainer look.

This collection of armored jewelry is handcrafted by Xaria Knight of the Etsy shop Pixie Shadow Craft.

Knight started the shop back in 2013 as a creative outlet to her day job, which she felt totally inept at. Instead of continuing to drown in her day job, Knight started making and selling dragon-scale inspired accessories.

"As I am a very creative person but socially inept, I have never had much success at a "normal" job." Knight says. "I decided to create an Etsy page and see where it went."

Nearly four years later, Knights shop has definitely taken off. The internet is in love with her unique dragon-warrior wear.

"My endless creativity was always an issue when trying to work for someone else," Knight says of her past work, "but as my own boss, expect to see some truly magnificent creations coming your way!"

Browse Knight's Etsy shop here.

Via My Modern Met

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