The Internet Is Going Crazy Over These Lace Shorts For Dudes

 The Internet Is Going Crazy Over These Lace Shorts For Dudes image

The Internet Is Going Crazy Over These Lace Shorts For Dudes

As summer heats up, fashion cools off to compensate. Womenswear has long relied on lace and other sheer materials for breezy, sexy looks.

But what about the bros? Where are their skimpy lace outfits?

Thanks to LA-based company Hologram City, men everywhere can now embrace the freedom of breezy fashion equality.

Known as "Lace Me Ups", the shorts are offered in blue, pink, purple, green, and yellow varieties. But don't just make a fashion statement— Hologram City designed these to keep you comfortable too.

The shorts accommodate a wide range of body types thanks to the 5 inches of elastic lining sewn into the back of the waistband.

Between these lace shorts and the dude rompers circulating the internet right now, we're excited for extra pastel gaudiness cropping up in men's fashion.

But, as you probably already guessed, not everyone is excited about non-traditional trends in menswear. The internet is still arguing over it because, well, you know, haters gonna hate.

Especially on Twitter...

But hey, if you dig lacey shorts, we want you to rock 'em this summer. Don't listen to anyone else's opinion about what a "real man" should and should not wear. Only you can decide that for yourself.

If you feel sexy in lace shorts, by all means, express your pastel passion with lace shorts. And on the plus side, they'll definitely help with air circulation when things heat up.

Trying to join this gender-bending fashion movement? All you need is internet connection and $49 USD. Pick out your favorite color here.

Via Daily Mail

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