A Colossal Tropical Resort Housed Inside A German Hanger

A Colossal Tropical Resort Housed Inside A German Hanger image

A Colossal Tropical Resort Housed Inside A German Hanger

If you want to experience an exotic tropical holiday, have you ever thought about going to Germany?

When you think of emerald lagoons, shady palm trees, crystal blue water & quaint wooden huts, it's probably not the first country that springs to mind is it?

Until now.

House within a ginormous hangar large enough to hold eight full size soccer fields or the entire Eiffel Tower lying down horizontally is the Tropical Islands Resort. A place so tall, that even New York's Statue of Liberty could stand tall with touching the ceiling.

The resort of around 60KM just south of Berlin, in Brandenburg, Germany so you can swap your polar jackets for bikini's and shorts in just under an hours drive. It's now officially one of the largest structures on the planet by volume, we're talking around 5.5 million m³ - which is just as well, because it's also home to the world's largest indoor rainforest.

You'll find roughly 30,000 types of trees, bushes and foliage scattered through the dome, there's even bananas trees popping up everywhere to give you that truly tropical feel. There's an artificial sea, a long man-made beach and the climate is kept at a perfect 26c all year round - not overly hot, not overly cold. They've even take a leaf out of Las Vegas's habit of appropriating historic monuments but recreating Cambodia's Angkor Wat and traditional Thai homes.

And along with not having to worry about the weather, you don't even have to worry about things like closing times either - the centre is open 24/7. Fancy a swim at 3am? No problem, just remember you're unlikely to be alone, the pool itself can hold up to 8,000 enthusiastic swimmers.

Would you be keen to go along for a day or two? You won't need sunscreen, but don't forget to pack your sunglasses.

Via Tropical Islands

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