Beautiful, Surreal Portraits That Look Like A Dream

Beautiful, Surreal Portraits That Look Like A Dream image

Beautiful, Surreal Portraits That Look Like A Dream

Amélie Berton is a self-taught photographer from France. Her airy, surreal style of work looks like scenes from a dream.

Berton first began shooting photos as a way to preserve special moments with her family and friends. From there, her curiosity for the art only grew. Soon she began staging portraits and shooting work that expressed her inner world.

"Personal histories, nature and the idea of home are recurrent themes in my work, and motivate me to create, " she says.

Recently, while living in Brussels, Berton became involved with the Japanese community. Inspired by their stories and histories, she shot a Japanese series featuring delicate origami and a traditional kimono.

"The Japanese series is born from my meeting with the Japanese community in Brussels," Berton says. "This desire to create a series inspired by Japanese tales has grown with my growing interest in the culture of the land of the rising sun."

"These magical stories hide a much deeper message, they are a real openness to the culture and beliefs of a society, not just stories read to the children before they sleep. They nurture their imagination while teaching them moral values."

Via Journal Du Design

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