This 3-Year-Old Dresses Up Like Her Favorite Female Heroes

This 3-Year-Old Dresses Up Like Her Favorite Female Heroes image

This 3-Year-Old Dresses Up Like Her Favorite Female Heroes

Meet Scout Larson. She's a three-year-old who's been dressing up like feminist celebrities. Meet the internet's newest Instagram crush.

Scout has always loved to dress up. But when her grandmother, Nonie, was diagnosed with breast cancer, the family needed a distraction and this photo series was perfect.

Scout and her mom planned, styled, and shot the photos as a celebration of girl power. And, perhaps cutest of all, Scout included Nonie in the list of female heroes to be photographed as.

"We chose mostly strong, feminist women because for me, this project was about showing Scout that women can be tough," Scout's mom says.

"I don’t want Scout to think that being a girl means she’s delicate or anything of the sort. Women are born fighters."

And as for Nonie's cancer, it's gone. After a series of intense chemo treatments and a double mastectomy, Scout's grandma has a clean bill of health. As celebration, the duo had their photo taken, of course.

Nonnie And Scout

Malala And Scout

Carrie Fisher And Scout

Nonnie And Scout

Moana And Scout

Adele And Scout

Scout And Frida

Emma Watson And Scout

Ellen Degeneres And Scout

Betty White And Scout

Via Metro

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