17 Unusual Words That Will Make You Appear Smarter When Describing People

17 Unusual Words That Will Make You Appear Smarter When Describing People image

17 Unusual Words That Will Make You Appear Smarter When Describing People

It was the English writer Philip Pullman (famous for the fantasy trilogy His Dark Materials) who once famously wrote that "People are too complicated to have simple labels."

It's poignant quote and one worth remembering because every day we all traverse through a plethora of emotions and experiences, many of which are complex and confusing at the best of times.

To label someone as "they're really nice" is in many ways is a disservice to that person, a lazy portrayal of an individual who has many different facets and traits to their character.

But also it's true that when it comes to describing the depth and varied nature of people in our lives - words can often fail.

Until now.

That's the inspiration behind this list of 17 unconventional words that you can use to help give greater context to describing people in your life. From friends and family to coworkers and even acquaintances you're sure to find a word or two that will help you portray them in a far more interesting and descriptive light.

1. Ailurophile: A person who loves cats.

2. Inamorata/inamorato: The woman/man with whom one is in love.

3. Logophile: A lover of words.

4. Votary: A person who is bound by religious vows; a devoted follower.

5. Bel-esprit: A person of great wit or intellect.

6. Scion: A descendant of a wealthy family.

7. Cognoscente: A person with specialised knowledge; a connoisseur.

8. Potentate: A person with great power; a ruler.

9. Confrere: A colleague, associate or fellow member.

10. Convive: An eating or drinking companion.

11. Nabob: A wealthy, influential or powerful person.

12. Raconteur: A person skilled in telling anecdotes.

13. Coxcomb: A foolish or conceited person.

14. Virago: A loud, scolding woman; a shrew.

15. Deipnosophist: A person skilled at conversation during meals.

16. Grandee: A person of high rank.

17. Nonesuch: A person without equal.

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