Behold! Detachable Booty Shorts Are Finally Here

Behold! Detachable Booty Shorts Are Finally Here image

Behold! Detachable Booty Shorts Are Finally Here

The weather's heating up and our pants are coming off! This season, the Y/Project is making is even easier to slip into a pair of booty shorts. Just unbutton those jeans and voila! Your legs are free to breathe.

Y/Project jeans are an edgy summer design from Opening Ceremony. The 2-in-1 pant features fitted high-rise shorts and detachable straight-leg trousers. The trousers are secured to the shorts via simple buttons, allowing plenty of skin to show through even when the pants are still attached.

Think the general population will adopt this look anytime soon? We wouldn't be surprised to see celebrities rocking these at festivals. They're a perfect statement piece. Something about that juxtaposition of mom-fashion and punk style is oddly satisfying.

Y/Project jeans are going for 425$ USD. So if that's out of your price-range, we'd love to see your own version of the look. This could be a cool, Summer DYI project. Be sure to share the results if you end up customizing your own pair!

Via Teen Vogue

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