Photos Of Surreal Fairytales Shot In Abandoned Luxury

Photos Of Surreal Fairytales Shot In Abandoned Luxury image

Photos Of Surreal Fairytales Shot In Abandoned Luxury

Karen Jerzyk's uses abandoned spaces and stunning models to capture scenes of beautiful dismay.

Jerzyk first began shooting her abandoned portraits back in 2009 as a solution to her lack of studio space. With nowhere to shoot and no creative direction driving her, discovering abandoned buildings was the catalyst she needed to move forward.

“I was a poor artist with no direction and certainly no money for a studio, ” she says. “I had seen a photo of a theater in an abandoned asylum via an internet search, and was immediately enamored with the image.”

When Jerzyk's father died in 2011, she discovered that the best way to work through her emotions was through art. Photography became a healing tool.

“Suddenly, my photos displayed emotion,” she says. “They displayed stories and purpose and a sense of beautiful dismay, which was a direct mirror of how I felt on the inside."

"I poured all of my feelings and struggles into my work. I learned how to control how I felt and funnel it all into my ideas. I finally learned how to make the connection between imagery and emotion, and for once in my life I was satisfied and proud with what I was creating.”

Find more of Jerzyk's work here.

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