130 Beautiful Photographs Of Redheaded Women That Will Make You Smile

130 Beautiful Photographs Of Redheaded Women That Will Make You Smile image

130 Beautiful Photographs Of Redheaded Women That Will Make You Smile

Critically-acclaimed photographer Brian Dowling has taken portraits of some of the most iconic and famous redheads in the world. He's photographed the likes of Julianne Moore, Amy Adams and even Julia Roberts just to name a few.

However, Hollywood's redhead elite aren't just the sole focus of Dowling photographic work. He recently traversed across 20 unique countries over three summers to photograph 130 woman with red hair from all walks of life.

He wanted to showcase to the world, the rich and diverse nature of those rare individuals with the recessive MC1R gene. Easily identifiable by their freckles and pale skin, redheads have low levels of eumelanin and high pheomelanin levels which makes their skin more susceptible to burning from the sun's harsh UV rays.

Around 2% of the global population have red hair, which is another reason why it's often so visually striking - their fiery hair is not something many of us see day to day.

But with any colour there are varying shades and tones, Dowling's portraits showcase golden copper locks through to dark auburn fringes and everything in between. But perhaps most impressive is Dowling's lack of special lighting, professional make-up or excessive retouching within his photographs. Those are elements he deliberately excluded and shied away from in the series.

I wanted it to be obvious these photos are real reflections of the model and for people to end their stereotypes of redheads.

The entire series will soon be available in his coffee table book 'Redhead Beauty', in the meantime, here's a few of our favourite images from the collection.

The simplicity of everyday, candidly captured with grace, poise and timeless beauty.

Moscow, Russia

Stirling, England

Breda, Netherlands

California, USA

Longford, Ireland

Berlin, Germany

Kiev, Ukraine

London, England

Munich, Germany

Best, Netherlands

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Via Brian Dowling

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