This Is The Most Grotesque Tribute To the Ren And Stimpy Show

This Is The Most Grotesque Tribute To the Ren And Stimpy Show

Over the course of 5 years and 52 startlingly weird and original episodes, the Ren & Stimpy Show captured the imagination of a generation of kids in the early 90s.

The animated TV show followed the surreal adventures of Stimpy, a dimwitted yet lovable cat and his best friend an emotionally unstable chihuahua called Ren.

It was a show full of black humor, loaded with sexual innuendos and topped off with healthy dose of comedic violence. It was a series designed to confused and confound in equal amounts.

The fact that Nickelodeon actively funded and promoted the show seems at odds with today's more sanitized fare which the network has become known for. As a result, 26 years since it's release The Ren & Stimpy Show has become somewhat of a cartoon cult classic among fans.

One of those fans is the immensely talented sculptor Andrew Freeman from Immortal Masks. In just seven days he created his own grotesque tribute to the show by crafting these hyper-realistic renditions of Ren and Stimpy.

You can see more of his impressive work right here.

Via Immortal Masks

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