These Are The Most Beautifully Creepy Puppets Ever

These Are The Most Beautifully Creepy Puppets Ever image

These Are The Most Beautifully Creepy Puppets Ever

These puppets have power. Each handmade figure contains the same elements as Victorian mourning jewelry: human hair, antique lace, and jewelry from the deceased.

Handsome Devils is a series of eerie puppets by a Chicago-based artist known as Han. For the artist, making puppets became a way of normalizing death and expressing her darker side.

"Puppets became the voice I felt I'd been lacking," she says. "Through them, I could say what I'd feared, face what I'd feared, and be what I'd desired."

I have a longstanding fascination with Victorian mourning practices and memento mori.

Each puppet is a work of art. Han takes great pride in making her puppet costumes historically correct. Han was a costume design major, so researching, designing, and crafting each puppet character and their clothes was a natural transition.

“Puppets are often very spiritual to me. They are so rooted in emotions and so therapeutic, both for me to make and for the future owner to manipulate, so the process is similarly intense for me,” Han says.

“Every puppet is clothed and accessorized with items of great meaning. Antique lace, found fabrics, pieces of my late grandmother’s jewelry… Every puppet I make is imbued with the power and strangeness of people who walked and left this weird world before them, and that is one of my favorite things about them.”

Find more of Han's puppets here.

Via Creators Projects

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