Edible Cups Are A Tasty New Way To Prevent Litter

Edible Cups Are A Tasty New Way To Prevent Litter image

Edible Cups Are A Tasty New Way To Prevent Litter

Edible cups are the future of to-go drinking. Forget plastic or Styrofoam. Choosing these nifty cups keeps trash away from landfills and gives you something tasty to munch on.

Loliware is a disposable cup company offering both biodegradable and edible designs. Made from seaweed and organic sweeteners, the cups come in various flavors like Citrus, Cherry, or Matcha Green Tea. According to reviews, Loliware cups taste like artisan Fruit Roll-Ups, which sounds like a dream.

And don't worry. If the cups aren't eaten, they break down quickly in nature, just like a banana peel.

For every cup eaten, we are saving a plastic cup from entering the landfill.

“If it happens to end up in a stream or a waterway where it’s not supposed to, it’s going to break down just like a banana peel would if it ends up in a stream,” says the Loliware team.

“That is a big step up from other corn-based bioplastics that are actually still a huge issue in waterways.”

We hope to see plastic-replacement designs like these become more common. Loliware cups currently go for $15.99 per pack, which isn't exactly cheap. But hopefully we'll see more affordable versions as the idea catches on!

Via Huffington Post

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