Vibrant Photos Of Amsterdam's Sprawling Tulip Fields

Vibrant Photos Of Amsterdam's Sprawling Tulip Fields  image

Vibrant Photos Of Amsterdam's Sprawling Tulip Fields

Celebrate the onset of Spring with these aerial views of massive tulip fields. Shot for Time, the collection is a visual poem to one of Holland's most iconic springtime traditions.

When viewed from above, the multi-colored fields morph into cubist compositions. The blocky shapes create abstract patterns that could be mistaken for a painting by Piet Mondrian. Who knows? Maybe these are the very fields that inspired his iconic style. He was Dutch, after all.

These tulip fields can be found stretching for miles just outside Amsterdam. The fields are a well-known tourist destination. But for Amsterdam-based creatives, the fields are can be a nearby source of inspiration or simply a beautiful place to walk or bike.

And if you enjoy watching spring blossom in the Netherlands, head over to Japan to watch the cherry blossom season come to life. It's possibly the most magical Springtime season on earth.

Via Time

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