Dark, Fairytale-like Photos Of Iceland That Will Inspire You

Dark, Fairytale-like Photos Of Iceland That Will Inspire You image

Dark, Fairytale-like Photos Of Iceland That Will Inspire You

Everything changed when photographer Kory Zuccarelli recovered from cancer. Almost dying brings things into sharp focus.

The experience was a wake-up call and Zuccarelli's creative dreams took immediate priority. It was time to set higher goals. Zuccarelli bought a ticket to Iceland to shoot the series he'd be thinking about for so long. Fear would not dictate his creative process.

Understanding Human is Zuccarelli's exploration into the human experience and how it relates to the grandness of nature.

The fairytale-like series sets the human figure against an alien landscape, creating moody, magical portraits.

"I've been told the first step in almost anything in life is going to be the hardest, because most people usually have the tendency to have, at least to some level, a fear of the unknown," Zuccarelli says of the series.

"Fear can easily be a dangerous thing. I've seen what it can do once its tight grips have anchored you down to stop trying, ending any possible way or reaching new achievements. It's sad to see that happen to people."

"Everyone's situation is going to be different and there isn't going an instruction manual guiding you in the absolute way of how and what should happen now and next. That's why it's so absolutely important to have passion in the things you're determined to do and accomplish."

Find more of Zuccarelli's work here.

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