Controversial "Gay Putin" Memes That Will Land You In Prison

Controversial "Gay Putin" Memes That Will Land You In Prison  image

Controversial "Gay Putin" Memes That Will Land You In Prison

Believe it or not, calling Putin a "gay clown" is a criminal offense in Russia. So don't even think about sharing these rainbow-licious photos.

The law was passed after a fabulous image of the great leader became popular in 2013. The poster was designed in protest against Putin's crackdown on sexual liberties and freedom of online speech.

But as soon the government noticed the poster, it was labeled as extremist gay propaganda and duly banished.

The image disappeared and to this day, no one is exactly sure what the original "extremist material" looked like. We only know that Putin felt it implied a “supposed nonstandard sexual orientation of the president of the Russian Federation.”

Of course, we can speculate what it looked like. For instance, The Moscow Times thinks the original looked something like this:

Truthfully, we may never know what the poster looked like. But what we do know is that the ridiculous legislation sparked a wildfire of "gay clown" Putin memes that are way too funny. So here's a collection of illegal Russian memes to get you through the day.

Want to add a little excitement to your day? There's a handy share button below if you're ready to risk the Putin's rainbow wrath. Go on, we dare you.

Via Washington Post

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