Fascinating Photos From The "Exploding Hammer" Festival In Mexico

Fascinating Photos From The "Exploding Hammer" Festival In Mexico image

Fascinating Photos From The "Exploding Hammer" Festival In Mexico

The Mexican village of San Juan de la Vega celebrates a yearly festival that is utterly explosive. Thanks to photographer Thomas Prior, we get a peek into their unique tradition.

In honor of a battle fought between the village's namesake and the surrounding landowners, people gather every February to explode sledgehammers.

They meet in a vacant football field where they set about laying down meters up meters of railroad track. Before finally, the bring out homemade explosives made from fertilizer and their sledgehammers!

Once everything is ready, the men begin to slam their hammers against the steel rails and explosions ensue. The rest of the festival is full of billowing smoke punctuated by ear-shattering blasts.

Prior's discovered the festival after he got a tip from fellow photographer Harry Mitchell. “He sent me a YouTube link saying, ‘you’d be into this’ and a week later I was on the plane heading to Mexico,” Prior says.

After the festival, Prior created a full book with the photos called Bomba. You can find it here.

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