Beautiful Cakes That Look Like Fresh Succulents

Beautiful Cakes That Look Like Fresh Succulents image

Beautiful Cakes That Look Like Fresh Succulents

Succulents and cacti make wonderful house-warming gifts. But these plant-themed confections might just take the cake. Bring one of these to a party and you're guaranteed to be everyone's favorite.

Pastry chef Iven Kawi specializes in baked goods that look like a fresh terrarium. The flowers and plants are carefully sculpted from buttercream icing and placed atop layers of edible sand.

The effect is utterly magical and too beautiful to eat. How could anyone bring themselves to cut up one of these masterpieces?

Kawi runs the bake shop out of her home in Jakarta, Indonesia using her mother's old oven. The cake making process is very time consuming and Kawi rarely takes a break. Prep starts at 5 am as she mixes and bakes her cakes for the day.

After the cakes are finished, she drops her kids off at school and spends the rest of the day decorating her magical creations.

Sometimes Kawi's day doesn't end until 10 pm, but she doesn't mind too much. The cakes are worth it. "I love what I do and I do what I love", she says.

Follow her work on Instagram here.

Via Colossal

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