This Is The Fanciest Rubik's Cube Cake On Earth

This Is The Fanciest Rubik's Cube Cake On Earth image

This Is The Fanciest Rubik's Cube Cake On Earth

Pastry chef Cédric Grolet reinvented the Rubik’s cube in the most delicious way possible. Forget plastic and metal! This puzzle is made of scrumptious cake and gold leaf.

Grolet invented the Rubik's cube cake for the Le Dalí cafe in Paris. The scrumptious creation features 27 individual pastries. Each cube is a tiny sample of one of Grolet's delicious cake recipes. If you can't decide what to order, the Rubik's cake is your best friend. Now you can sample all the cakes in one sitting!

The Rubik's cube cake is a decadent excuse to include a dozen different textures and flavors in one eye-catching creation. Did you spot the gold leaf details? And the nut and coconut accents? Each of these cakes is a work of art.

We're a little afraid to sample them – these cakes are just too beautiful!

Via My Modern Met

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