Odd Paintings Of Bruised Butts That Will Make You Look Twice

Odd Paintings Of Bruised Butts That Will Make You Look Twice image

Odd Paintings Of Bruised Butts That Will Make You Look Twice

Most sports come with just as many potential spills as they do thrills, crunching tackles and last minute winners against the odds. But few can rival the painful falls and fisticuffs that are part and parcel of Roller Derby. The contact sport is played between 10 players, 5 on each team with the single aim of lapping members of the opposing team to score points.

It sounds relatively simple until you see it in action. On the rink it's a mass of wheels, shin pads and helmets slamming and smashing into each other as players jostle and hinder the opposition in order to give their teammates the advantage.

Not only do you have to be extremely fit to play it (if you aren't you won't last 5 minutes), you need to be prepared to wake up feeling battered and bruised the next day.

Being pushed, losing your balance and falling over on the hard uncompromising floor is merely an unavoidable part of the game. It's what makes the game itself so compelling, the battle between tactics, sheer athleticism and pure strength.

For Finnish artist Riikka Hyvönen the sport of Roller Derby provided her with the inspiration she needed for her series 'Roller Derby Kisses'. It sees her taking photos of bruises suffered by players during the game then painting them onto giant MDF (and even leather) canvases. She even uses a smattering of glitter to add just the right amount of kitsch.

I am objectifying these women totally. But I am doing it exactly in the way they objectify themselves.

Each bruise is unique to the individual that wears it, a badge of honour forged in the heat of sporting combat. But if you look closely, they can often appear to be miniature universes where waves of light green swirl into dark violet and soft pinks.

"I painted the bums to capture momentary marks that are seen in a completely different light in the mainstream than inside the subculture of roller derby girls."

"Falling somewhere in between of sculptures and paintings, the artworks are simultaneously confusing and magnetic — as they show how everyone’s skin reacts to a hit differently. I hope people can see the beauty of bruises." explains Hyvönen.

You can see the full range of artworks from 'Roller Derby Kisses' through her official site right here.

Via Riikka Hyvönen

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