Artist Makes Fake Billboards That Perfectly Mimic Their Surroundings

Artist Makes Fake Billboards That Perfectly Mimic Their Surroundings  image

Artist Makes Fake Billboards That Perfectly Mimic Their Surroundings

Inspired by classic roadside advertising, artist Jennifer Bolande's billboards only make sense when viewed in their intended environment. They perfectly camouflage themselves to fit in the surrounding landscape!

Titled Visible Distance, the series was created as part of the Desert X series in the Coachella Valley. The quirky series was inspired the "Burma-Shav" campaign, a series of vintage ads that used to line the roadside. The advertising message could only be read from a moving car.

Bolande's took that sight-specific element and turned it upside down to create this photo-driven series.

"Each photograph is unique to its position along this route and at a certain point as one approaches each billboard, perfect alignment with the horizon will occur thus reconnecting the space that the rectangle of the billboard has interrupted," she says of the series.

"In the language of billboard advertising this kind of reading is referred to as a Burma-Shave after the shaving cream company of the same name who used sequential placement to create messaging that could be read only from a moving vehicle," Bolande continues.

"Within the desert empire of roadside signs, Bolande chooses to advertise the very thing so often overlooked. Looking up at the billboards our attention is drawn back to the landscape itself, pictured here as a stuttering kinesthetic of real and artificial horizons."

Bolande's Visible Distance is on display for Desert X which runs Feb. 25 through April 30, 2017 in the Coachella Valley. Find more information about the series here.

Via Twisted Sifter

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