Colorful Cubist Tattoos That Would Make Picasso Proud

Colorful Cubist Tattoos That Would Make Picasso Proud image

Colorful Cubist Tattoos That Would Make Picasso Proud

Inspired by Picasso's cubist work, Mike Boyd designs tattoos that blend abstract forms with colorful figures. And if you'll closely, you'll recognize all kinds of clever references.

Boyd's vibrant style is inspired by art history, travel, and pop culture. Scrolling through his work, you'll spot various icons, legends, and masterpieces – Bowie, Picasso, Pokemon, Amy Winehouse, and A Clockwork Orange, to name a few. Boyd's Instagram is a gallery of living, breathing cubist art.

“I love the strange juxtaposition of angles and colors, and yet it’s still recognizable,” he says. “I like the fact that it… doesn’t quite look right.”

Always pushing himself to improve, Boyd cultivates his unique style through travel and focused practice.

“I want to see as much as I can, and develop my tattooing in new ways that will give me an edge in this very competitive industry," he says. “You can’t stand still in tattooing nowadays.”

Follow his work here.

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