This Unicorn Candle Is The Most Magical & Curious Ornament Ever

This Unicorn Candle Is The Most Magical & Curious Ornament Ever image

This Unicorn Candle Is The Most Magical & Curious Ornament Ever

The unicorn is a mythical beast that has enthralled and installed a sense of wonder into mankind for centuries. The legendary creature was first depicted on the ancient seals of Indus Valley Civilization before being mentioned by the ancient Greeks in their literature and folklore.

It's often been depicted as a wild roaming white horse with a long horn. Whilst many different cultures believe the unicorn is a symbol for purity and grace, qualities that could only be attributed to a virgin.

Along with its unquestionable beauty and elegance, the unicorn is also said to have magical powers. Abilities include being able to take flight on a whim and even heal sick and frail individuals why then touch its horn.

Fast forward to the present day and the unicorn is still prominent in our lives. You might be surprise to find out that a quick swipe through your emojis will reveal a unicorn (complete with a rainbow horn) alongside dozens of other animals.

But if that's not enough magic for you, you'll be pleased to that the folks at Firebox have designed a unique unicorn candle that is sure to turn heads. Crafted from white ceramic, each candle comes with a spare set horns so you won't run out waxy rainbow tears any time soon.

However, if you want this Crying Unicorn Candle for your home you'd better be quick. It won't be long until they're all gone so order one right here sooner rather than later!

Just light the tip of its spiraled horn and the Crying Unicorn Candle bursts into tears, weeping a waxy rainbow of colours.

Speaking of candles, here's one that Perfectly Communicates How You Feel Right Now

Via Firebox

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