Behold, The Super Mario Bar You've Been Dreaming Of

Behold, The Super Mario Bar You've Been Dreaming Of image

Behold, The Super Mario Bar You've Been Dreaming Of

This D.C. bar is offering Nintendo fans the chance to explore the colorful world of Super Mario Bros. Classic gaming references mix with delicious cocktails and creative decor. Love 8bit games and tasty drinks? This watering hole is everything you could ask for.

Hosted by the Cherry Blossom Bar, this Super Mario Bros clubhouse is a pop-up event that will run during April. Inside, you'll find Piranha Plants hanging from green pipes.

Above, glowing stars, mushrooms, and "bob-ombs" dangle from fish line while evil ghosts watch from the walls. And of course, Mario and Luigi can be found behind the bar mixing drinks.

And did we mention the drink menu? It's an 8-bit dream come true. Signature drinks include "It's A Me, Amario", "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Smaller", "I Call Yoshi!", and "King Koopa Cup".

"We wanted to do something that was an homage to Japan and one of its most famous exports: Mario Brothers," says owner Derek Brown.

"We try to bring out craft spirits, and some of the stuff that people have never seen before, whether it’s sake or Japanese whiskies. But in this incarnation, we get to do it in a way that’s kind of fun and clever."

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