LEGO Tape Has Finally Arrived, Now Everything Is Right In The World

LEGO Tape Has Finally Arrived, Now Everything Is Right In The World

You'll be hard pressed to find an individual in the world that doesn't love LEGO. The plastic building blocks are a staple of countless childhood inventions.

Whether you were busy making pirate ships or piece together space ships, there is a genuine sense of wonder and exciting as your creation begins to take form.

The only real drawback with LEGO was that you needed a flat surface to build on. Some LEGO sets originally came with a plastic base, allowing you to attach the bricks as the foundation of your scene. That base gave your structure more support and from there you could build onwards, outwards and upwards!

But for the most part, your LEGO creations had to be balanced and sturdy to begin with especially if you were just making them on the breakfast table.

But now that's all about to change.

Nimuno have finally created the world's first LEGO tape. Now you can stick your bricks wherever and however you want! The tape itself has an adhesive backing so you an attached it onto the side of walls, arches, toys and even furniture - turning your entire home into a canvas for your LEGO creations.

Not only is the tape flexible, you can also cut it to size to reduce wastage.

So many features. So many possibilities. What will you build?

Perhaps best of all, it's extremely affordable at just $11 for two rolls - whilst $50 will see you getting 10. So why not pick up a roll or two and let the fun commence!

Via Nimuno

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