Unlock Any Door With These Sneaky Lockpick Earrings

Unlock Any Door With These Sneaky Lockpick Earrings image

Unlock Any Door With These Sneaky Lockpick Earrings

Looking to channel you inner femme fatale? These lock pick earrings should do the trick.

Crafted by Lock Pick Extreme, these earrings hold everything you need to open any door. Just slip them into your ears and walk tall knowing that nothing can stop you!

"This set of earrings features a complete pick set, ensuring that your tools are never out of reach," writes the earring designers.

"Each earring features 2 picks and a double-ended turning tool. Whichever tool you select, the other side will give you a turning tool to put to use with it."

"The earrings feature solid Sterling Silver fishhooks and parts, Sterling Silver-plated triangle charm, steel lockpick tools, and clear rubber backs."

Lock Pick Extreme also offers fashionable "shim" earrings and tassels that will help you bust out of a pair of handcuffs at a moment's notice.

You'll feel dressed to the nines and prepared for anything life might throw your way with these badass accessories.

Via Geekologie

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