This Is Why You Need To Be Worried By Tasmania's Glowing Coastline

This Is Why You Need To Be Worried By Tasmania's Glowing Coastline image

This Is Why You Need To Be Worried By Tasmania's Glowing Coastline

Located a short flight off Australia's south coast, the island state of Tasmania a haven for all manner of unique wildlife, breathtaking national parks and rugged wilderness.

More recently it's become home to one of the most progressive art galleries in the world MONA (The Museum Of Old & New Art) whilst Tasmania's vineyards are home to some of the best wineries in Australia.

But in among the delicious food, majestic mountain ranges, bottles of pinot noir and modern artworks - a new phenomenon has been taking place. Recently a bloom of dinoflagellates Noctiluca scintillans (commonly known as 'Sea Sparkles') have started appearing on the shorelines of Preservation Bay and Rocky Cape.

Now what is so special about Sea Sparkles you might ask?

Well these tiny plankton have been turning the water into a shimmering display of dazzling blue neon light. A luminous array of hazy otherworldly blues and greens that look like a magical spell is being cast underwater.

The bioluminescent effect occurs when the water is agitated, the phytoplankton react in self-defence by sparkling. It's a truly mesmerising and breathtaking effect to see first hand. But it's also one that comes with an ominous warning. Such phenomenon can only occur when the sea is both calm and warm.

For locals and the world itself, it's a stark sign that the threat of climate change is already beginning to occur.

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