Order A "Beauty And The Beast" Rose And You'll Never Have To Water It

Order A "Beauty And The Beast" Rose And You'll Never Have To Water It image

Order A "Beauty And The Beast" Rose And You'll Never Have To Water It

Looking to live out your fairytale dreams of enchanted roses and talking furniture? Just in time for the Beauty and the Beast remake, you can now order a rose that will last forever when kept under it's glass jar.

Offered by Forever Roses, these enchanting flowers are real roses encased in glass with a special "potion" that promises to keep them fresh forever.

If you aren't looking to keep the glass jar, you can order free-standing roses that will last 2-3 years.

"We're all about love and romance," explains brand ambassador Ebraheem Al Samadi. "The company started with a lady who loved roses and her fiancé, who wanted to give her something that wouldn't die."

So what's the secret? Why do the roses last so long? Part of their longevity is due to the "secret potion" added to the blooms before they're placed in the glass. The other part is thanks to their geographic origins.

"Our roses come from our land in Ecuador and the assembly is done here in the UAE," explains Al Samadi. "The reason why we only use Ecuadorian roses is that the placement of Ecuador geographically, near the volcanic mountains, gives the soil a richness that makes the petals 10 times thicker and stronger and five times bigger than any others."

Check out their online shop here. And if they're prices are too high (roses start at $200), head over to Etsy for a more reasonably priced alternative.

Via The National

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