Dark & Seductive Photos That Will Ignite Your Imagination

Dark & Seductive Photos That Will Ignite Your Imagination  image

Dark & Seductive Photos That Will Ignite Your Imagination

Inspired by the dark visionary minds of surrealist painter H.R. Giger and visual artist Gottfried Helnwein, Stefan Gesellhas developed his own unique world of brooding characters and nightmarish imagery.

What is instantly striking about his photographic work, is how beautiful staged and posed each portrait is. That's not by mere accident but with intent, Gesell is a former graphic designer a role that allowed him to develop his compositional skills and striking use of colour and tone.

By blurring the lines between industrialism, science fiction and the supernatural Gesell has created a world that is as shocking as it is strangely seducing.

After capturing each scene, he then carefully finesses each image digitally. Sometimes that might involve muting a specific area or shifting your focus to draw you in closer.

You can see an example of his digital retouching below:

We've carefully selected our favourite examples of his remarkable work, but you can experience the full scope of his shocking and absorbing characters right here

Via Stefan Gesell

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