The New Face Of Marijuana Is Surprisingly Instagram-Worthy

The New Face Of Marijuana Is Surprisingly Instagram-Worthy  image

The New Face Of Marijuana Is Surprisingly Instagram-Worthy

As the legal cannabis industry continues to grow in the US, designers are stepping in to re-brand it. Gone are the days of dark tapestries and incense– the new face of marijuana is artfully curated and fresh.

Based in Portland, Serra smoke shop is the perfect example of the new designer aesthetic popping up. Filled with bright, natural light, the shop's high ceilings and dark wood accents make it look more like an art gallery or interior store than anything else.

Inside, you'll find a well-curated menu of cannabis as well as artisanal edibles and an elegant assortment of smoking pieces that look more like art than pipes.

Thanks to the unique layout of the store, buying bud is surprisingly simple. You can browse the large, U-shaped table in the middle of the store where samples are placed on display. Serra even sets tiny gold pots of dry coffee beans for cleansing your palette between sniffs.

And for those who don't know their strains by heart, don't stress! Information cards are helpfully placed next to each sample for all your decision making needs. And because the shop places an emphasis on emotions, each strain is also assigned a feeling (happiness, relaxation, creativity, energy, relief, and focus).

You can find Serra onlinehere or visit the store in Portland for the full experience!

Via Design Milk

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