This Guy Photoshopped Himself Into All 'Best Picture' Nominees

This Guy Photoshopped Himself Into All 'Best Picture' Nominees image

This Guy Photoshopped Himself Into All 'Best Picture' Nominees

The 2017 Oscar season is officially over. So if you're still waiting on that award that never came, just take a tip from Redditor Gmadjar and Photoshop yourself into the winning features. No one will notice the difference.

This hilarious series is surprisingly simple. Gmadjar literally just added himself to posters for Oscar-nominated films from this year. Sometimes he's subtlety in the background, other times he's playing a key role.

But it's always the placement that makes use laugh. Gmadjar's presence adds a totally unpredictable and creepy element that's guaranteed to make you smile.

Shortly after posting the finished posters, Reddit took notice and they spread like wildfire. Suddenly this graphic designer got a whole lot more attention than usual.

"The positive response was so overwhelming and I saw how much it was brightening up people's day, and how much people thought I looked like Josh Gad, and I just knew I wanted to do more," Gmadjar says.

"I currently have my next poster set in the works with the theme being 'Movie Classics.' I'm going to work to make these look even more real and again hopefully add a new twist to classic images."

Madjar started a Twitter account solely dedicated to his new movie poster editing hobby. You can follow along here.

Via Mashable

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