Steampunk Sculptures That Will Look Excellent In Your Home

Steampunk Sculptures That Will Look Excellent In Your Home image

Steampunk Sculptures That Will Look Excellent In Your Home

Sculptor Igor Verniy is the master of up cycling, a practice whereby you use discarded objects and re purpose them to produce something of a higher quality or value.

In his case, Igor scavenges the local area for all manner of unused items which he uses as the building blocks for his works. His treasure trove of finds range from scrap metal to silverware and even old bicycle parts - all of which he uses to create his remarkable steampunk creations.

Perhaps even more impressive is that each sculpture is fully articulated, the result of Igor carefully mapping out each pivot and hinge with the ultimate aim of allowing you to pose each artwork in a variety of positions.

As for the sculptures themselves, you'll find birds through to butterflies. There's all manner of exotic and wonderful creatures among his body of work, brought to life by his sheer imagination and ingenuity.

You can see the full range of his beautiful steampunk sculptures through his official site right here.

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Via Igor Verniy

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