This Is The Perfect Accompaniment For Those Of You Who Love Wine

This Is The Perfect Accompaniment For Those Of You Who Love Wine image

This Is The Perfect Accompaniment For Those Of You Who Love Wine

Whether it's been a bad week, you need some alone time, a break from technology or perhaps for nothing more than the sheer hell of it - there are few feelings more comforting than a bottle of wine and a good book.

But wouldn't life be so much easier if you could combine your love of fine wine and literature without having to think?

Well things are going to get even more relaxing around here with the arrival of the 'Librottiglia' a wine bottle that comes complete with a collection of short stories based around the qualities and characteristics of each wine.

Its very name is actually a combination of book (libro) and bottle (bottiglia) and it's creation is the result of a unique collaboration between Reverse Innovation and the famous Matteo Correggia winery in Italy.

To date, there are three miniature books, paired with three distinctly different wines. 'The Frog In The Belly' accompanies a dry brachetto, whilst 'I Love You, Forget Me' is your companion with a glass of the Nebbiolo Roero. Finally, the white Roero Arneis is matched with 'Murder' a humorous mystery thriller with a twist or two.

Today we read books on computers, tablets and mobile phones. Why not on a bottle of wine?

Whilst the concept is currently restricted to just three varietals and three writers, there's the potential to have more stories accompanying different blends and vintages.

A story for every occasion or perhaps that should be a page for every sip?

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