This Nifty Bike Helmet Has A Turn Signal To Keep You Extra Safe

This Nifty Bike Helmet Has A Turn Signal To Keep You Extra Safe

Dear cyclists: feeling vulnerable on the road while riding at night? This new helmet concept from Lumos Helmets might be just what you're looking for.

Known simply as the Lumos, the helmet promises to make you more visible on the road at night. Plus, thanks to the integration with your bike brakes, the helmet lets you signal for stops or turns just like a car.

"We heard countless stories of how cyclists felt invisible or vulnerable on the road," wrties Lumos's creators. "Cyclists regularly cited riding with traffic as a troublesome but necessary part of their ride. Similarly, drivers described how they felt frustration or fear due to the difficulty in seeing or predicting the movements of cyclists riding on the road with them."

"The value of Lumos was obvious to virtually everyone we showed it to. People told us that the development of Lumos was exciting but more importantly, that it was needed."

With all of these added safety features, Lumos is a real game changer. You'll no longer fear that the car behind you can't predict your next turn or stop. Just power on your helmet and signal with the wireless handlebar remote.

Don't worry about buying batteries, just plug your new helmet into a USB charger whenever the power runs low. Easy, right?

We can't wait to see more bike safety technology like this on the road. The simplicity of the design will hopefully make this kind of technology more accessible to the general public. We would love to see cyclists using more safety gear like this at night.

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Via Lumos Helmets

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