Freckle Tattoos Are A Weird New Trend Taking Over The Internet

Freckle Tattoos Are A Weird New Trend Taking Over The Internet  image

Freckle Tattoos Are A Weird New Trend Taking Over The Internet

Looking to shake up your beauty routine? Some are turning to face tattoos to refresh their look.

No, these tattoos aren't inspired by Gucci Mane or Lil Wayne. The truth is far more tame though equally unusual. As a recent beauty trend, girls around the world are meeting with tattoo artists in order to add permanent freckles to their cheeks.

It's an odd choice, right? But the tattoos make sense if you add up the hours spent adding fake freckles with a makeup pencil every day. Just ask cosmetic tattoo artist Gabrielle Rainbow. She got tired of asking friends to draw them on and decided to just tattoo her own face.

The tattoos are semi-permanent and, according to Rainbow, they'll fade to a natural color over time.

“Before tattooing [clients], I experimented on myself—", Rainbows told New Beauty, "I really don't recommend tattooing your own face—but once I saw that it worked out, and I liked the effect, I decided to do hers."

Healed eyebrows and freckles

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“I think cosmetic tattooing or permanent makeup is really on the rise, and obviously with any trend, you will have people who will want to take advantage of that. Because this is your face, it's important that you do your research and find artists who aren't afraid to show their portfolio and healed work," she advises.

"Even if this is ‘semipermanent,’ there are risks, such as technicians who will go too deep or not use the proper inks.”

So what can one expect after having freckles added to their face? For starters, you'll need to go in for at least three follow-up appointments to make sure the color sets correctly.

“In terms of the freckles, when they are ‘freshly done,’ they will appear swollen almost like bee stings, and the swelling will go down within a couple hours and you'll be left with your cute, fresh freckles," Rainbow explains.

"Over the course of one to two months, the color will soften dramatically and look more natural. They will fade naturally with time, and if you wish to keep them you can always get the color boosted whenever you like.”

Keep scrolling for more examples of this unusual new trend.

Healed freckles 💕

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Healed freckles 🏵

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Healed freckles 😍💕

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Fresh freckles, will be lighter once healed.

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I eat four flavoured yogurt cups at a time and I'm not ashamed Freckle additions by @gabriellerainbow 💕✨~

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Via New Beauty

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