It's Official The Weirdest Museum In The World Is In Japan

It's Official The Weirdest Museum In The World Is In Japan image

It's Official The Weirdest Museum In The World Is In Japan

We all know that Japan is home to the weird and wonderfully bizarre, what better place than to have a museum dedicated to rocks that look like people. Travel around two hours northwest of Tokyo and you'll find a unique museum called 'Chichibu Chinsekikan' (which translates into 'hall of curious rocks').

It's there that you'll find over 1,700 rocks that bare a striking resemblance to expressive human faces. But the weirdness doesn't stop there, in among the collection you'll find rocks that take on the appearance of celebrities and even video game characters. According to those that have visited, there are rocks that look like Donkey Kong, Elvis Presley and even E.T.

They do say that if you stare long enough at an object your subconscious can convince you anything is possible. But even so, there's no denying that some of these rocks certainly look a little familiar!

The museum was originally created by the late Shozo Hayama who died in 2010. He spent over 50 years collecting the rocks from all over Japan before putting them on display. Now his wife Yoshiko Hayama continues his legacy by acting as the Head curator and constantly adding to his collection.

Via Chichibu Chinsekikan

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