This Unique "Spoon" Is Designed To Makes Food Tastes Better

This Unique "Spoon" Is Designed To Makes Food Tastes Better  image

This Unique "Spoon" Is Designed To Makes Food Tastes Better

Looking to take your lunch game to the next level? According to designer Andreas Fabian, an easy way to do that is to change your eating utensil. Of all people to be giving out that advice, Fabian would know.

After all, he's one of the few people we know of who actually holds a PhD in spoon design!

Meet the Goûte. It's a small spoon replacement modeled after the human finger which promises to make food taste and even feel better.

"There hasn’t been a lot of development in the design of Western cutlery over the last two centuries," Fabian says. "We think that current cutlery isn’t adding to the pleasure of eating."

The idea came about when Fabian and chef Charles Michel were brainstorming about how you know someone enjoyed their food. What is the ultimate culinary compliment?

For Michal, the answer was easy: if you see someone licking their plate, then it always means the food was good.

Why not design a utensil that mimics this action?

Though not designed to look anything like a traditional spoon, the Goûte works a little like it's traditional counterpart. The Goûte works best with creamy foods such as peanut butter, yogurt, Nutella, porridge, or mousse.

According to these guys, changing the tool you use to eat food with makes a world difference when it comes to taste and texture. And the Goûte also comes in handy for those who like to lick their fingers or plate but feel embarrassed to do so in public. The Goûte makes all that perfectly acceptable thanks to its unique design.

Find more information about the Goûte concept here.

Via Fast Design Co.

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