Innovative Smart Watches Made With Braille For The Blind

Innovative Smart Watches Made With Braille For The Blind image

Innovative Smart Watches Made With Braille For The Blind

Known as the Dot, this unique invention allows members of the visually impaired community to access smart technology. By blending braille with the smart watch concept, Dot is able to reach a previously unnoticed demographic in the smart tech world.

The idea all started when founding member Eric Kim noticed a blind classmate hauling a large stack of books. While other students were able to switch to portable devices like a tablet or laptop, this student in particular was left stranded with huge, bulky braille materials.

"He realized that, while most students were using tablet devices in class, this particular student wasn’t able to take advantage of the new technologies widely available," explains Dot.

"The reality is that inclusive information access is limited by cost barriers and lack of innovations. While many products are designed exclusively for the majority, our visually impaired communities can’t benefit from much of its advances."

"Dot shifted the focus from the expensive legacy devices in order to implement our technology to wearables. The Dot Watch accentuates mobility: our users can learn various braille formats on the fly."

"We won’t stop innovating until the vision-impaired and the deafblind are able to feel the effects of this very intimate revolution to improve their lifestyle."

Learn more about how Dot is making smart technology accessible to all demographics here.

Via My Modern Met

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