How Does Living Rent Free Anywhere In The World Sound?

How Does Living Rent Free Anywhere In The World Sound?  image

How Does Living Rent Free Anywhere In The World Sound?

As cities all around the world become more congested and dense, the lure of escaping the choking metropolis becomes all more appealing. Wouldn't it be amazing if you could setup your home anywhere in the world and be self-reliant? For decades people have been using caravans parks as a home away from home.

The trouble is, eventually you need to find a source of energy nearby to help keep things powered and moving along. But imagine if you could be self sustaining, living entirely off the grid - no fixed address, no need to plug in and charge up, no need to follow the masses. Just you, a home and the vast expand of the world of explore.

Now that might sound slightly fictitious, the idea of living anywhere you want - but thanks to Nice Architects that possibility just took another step towards becoming reality. They're the inventors of the 'Ecocapsule' a small portable home that's powered entirely by solar and wind. It even has the ability to capture rainwater so you can have a modest shower and clean drinking water. A world away from the luxurious spas and penthouses of the world, but vastly better for the environment and indeed your wallet.

Zero carbon footprint, zero rent - all freedom. Sounds appealing does it? You can find out more info on the incredible Ecocapsule right here.

Via Nice Architects

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