You'll Never Pay Baggage Fees With This Sneaky Travel Coat

You'll Never Pay Baggage Fees With This Sneaky Travel Coat  image

You'll Never Pay Baggage Fees With This Sneaky Travel Coat

Tired of getting stopped at the airport due to oversized luggage? You're going to love the idea behind this custom travel coat.

Known as the "Airport Jacket", this piece hides an entire duffle bag in the design of the coat. Whether you're looking to simplify your travel flow or attempting to skip baggage fees, this nifty jacket has your back! Just zip the additional compartments on and go.

"With airlines like United Airlines beginning to charge for overhead carry-on baggage and other low fare airlines like Ryan Air severely restricting baggage allowances for the low fare economy traveler, we feel this is a stylish solution for frustrated travelers who can not pay for the all the additional costs," explain the Airport Jacket creators.

The coat comes in both men's and women's sizes with various styles to fit your look. All jackets can either be worn as a coat or folded into a regular duffle bag. To pack your luggage, just lay the jacket out and sort your things into their specified pockets. You can then choose to carry it or wear it.

Don't fret about last minute charges again, simply wear your luggage!

What can the jacket actually carry? According to the Kickstarter, it's designed to house “a laptop, an iPad, two pairs of shoes, a pair of jeans, three T-shirts, two pairs of shorts, underwear for three to four days, a light jumper, a dress, a liquids bag, wallet, phone, and passport — with room to spare.”

Just be carefully breaking this bad boy out in warmer climates! Actually wearing all that could be a real drag if it's hot outside. But maybe it's bearable if you're only slipping it on to board the plane.

Via Kickstarter

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